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Why you need a trained specialist rangehood installer?

Whilst most people are capable of mounting a rangehood on a wall only a trained specialist installer has the skills and expertise to test the air extraction and install the unit correctly.

Incorrect installation often results in the rangehood not working to its design specification which can affect the unit’s performance and significantly decrease the life of the unit.

People often employ electricians, plumbers and handy men but more often than not these people do not have the training or expertise to install a rangehood to the manufacturer’s specifications which can void the warranty.

Having received manufacturer training and installing rangehoods every day a trained specialist will know the quickest and best way to install the unit that ensures warranty isn’t void and maximises the efficiency of the rangehood. The type, size and quality of the ductwork is critical to the performance of the rangehood and a trained specialist installer will only use ducting that is to the manufacturers standards.


Considering the amount of cooking the average family performs every week a rangehood is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. It is always better to select a unit with a higher maximum extraction rate as you will be able to reduce noise by using a lower fan speed while still having the right amount of extraction to expel the fumes and grease being produced.

Some styles and models of rangehoods are quiet but just don’t have enough extraction to take the fumes and grease into the ductwork and grease will build up on surrounding cupboards and tiles .

A low level of extraction will also deposit the grease in the filters causing them to continually block up or just deposit the grease in and around the motor and fan assembly which will cause costly maintenance issues or even the possibility of having to replace the rangehood prematurely.

It is also important to consider the type of cooktop you will have (gas, electric or induction) ,the style of food you will be cooking and how many burners you will have as this significantly affects the amount of extraction you will need.

Gas will produce more heat than electric and will need more extraction. Induction will require less extraction but the hood will need to be set at a lower height to optimise performance. If you are cooking with lots of spices you will not only need more extraction but better filtration to catch all of the grease.

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