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On-board Motor Rangehoods

Rangehood Solutions install all major brands replacement and new installations. We not only install your new rangehood but come up with a ducting solution to ensure that the unit works to its full capacity. Ducting is the major part of any install and we can offer different grades of ducting to suit your budget. At the end of each installation we measure the airflow with an annometer so we know that the unit is working to the manufacturers design specification.

Off-board Motor Rangehoods

With a vast range of companies offering rangehoods with off board motors the choice is endless. Off board motor units offer superior extraction and take away most of the motor noise that previously made operating a rangehood unbearable. Rangehood Solutions liase regularly with high end brands and manufacturers to ensure we are up to date with new technologies and developments so that each unit is installed to their specifications to maximise efficiency. Having a professional install one of these units is absolutely necessary to avoid voiding your manufacturer warranty. At the completion of the installation we measure the airflow with an annometer to ensure that the unit is working to its full capacity.

Alfresco BBQ Rangehoods

With outdoor entertaining becoming more popular so are outdoor kitchens. When planning your outdoor kitchen the rangehood extraction should be the first thing that is considered as there are strict rules and regulations that could affect your installation.

As BBQs produce large amounts of heat and smoke having ample extraction is extremely important. Even if 90% of the smoke is removed the remaining 10% will build up quickly and the area can become filled with smoke. Alfresco kitchens have a range of stringent government and local council regulations that need to be adhered to that could affect your household insurance.

To avoid serious problems over time our friendly and professional installers are happy to give advice on rangehood extraction in your planning process and to ensure that your rangehood installation adheres to the required regulations.



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